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Community Focus: The Women’s Challenge

17 Nov


Lorraine Bailey Carter


The Women’s Challenge is a vision to creatively challenge today’s women to be healthy, enriching their lives through interactive seminars and events focused on educating women in specific areas: sexual health; physical activity; diet and nutrition; beauty concepts; financial empowerment and spiritual motivation.

Whether a mother, a wife, a daughter, an aunt or a niece; a healer, a provider or a caregiver, women wear many hats and take on the baggage of those they care about in their lives. Where is the time for them? By embodying areas that all women seek to improve upon, this Challenge will empower its attendees and plant the seeds of balance between family and time for themselves.


Poor financial management, unhealthy eating habits, low self-esteem, and other serious problems plague women all over the world, affecting women of all racial, religious, and socio-economic groups. The Women’s Challenge: Mind, Body & Spirit is an important event because it’s time to take care of self, first.


It’s a known fact that hypertension, heart disease, and diabetes are greater among African Americans than other groups. Dietary intake is a key factor in all three of these diseases; adequate diet and nutrition, coupled with physical activity are key in an attempt to reduce the number of premature disabilities and deaths as the result of these conditions.


In 2006, the total spending power of Black America totaled nearly $770 billion, with African American women spending nearly $403 billion. More likely than their white female counterparts to be the decision makers in the households, whether married or not, African American women decide major purchases, in categories such as automobiles, real estate, travel, electronics, and financial services.

Getting rid of debt, establishing healthy eating habits, and feeling better about oneself is an essential part of a woman’s wellness. Not only will it help women look and feel better, as the stress of living paycheck to paycheck will decrease, but increased confidence, improved health, and a boost in energy are added bonuses that go a long way to promoting health.