Evidence of things unseen, a testimonial choice of words from the late Natalie Kamau that seems to play in her son’s everyday life. Hailing from Parkhill Projects in Staten Island, New York Permiss always had aspirations and visions on becoming a success in life by any means. Having a love for rap music and film early in his childhood he came up listening to Eric B & Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, LL Cool J, Run DMC etc; but it wasn’t until 1993 when Staten Island’s own Wu-tang Clan emerged on the scene that Permiss knew his future would take a turn towards music, “when I seen them dudes on T.V. it gave me motivation to go and get it; watching the same guys you see in the hood make it to stardom is amazing.” Indeed, he got on his grind, and in 1995 he created a show called Shaolins Finest that aired local on Staten Island’s community access television. The show exposed talent throughout Staten Island which in a span of 4 years gained much praise and support throughout the community. After graduating high school in 1999 Permiss attended Benedict College in South Carolina where he continued crafting his skills writing rhymes and producing beats. While away at college his mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and he returned home to her care. Upon her passing in 2004 one of the things she wanted her son not to do was forget his goals and dreams about music.
Since then Permiss has established his own multi media company; Power Media LLC located in Baltimore MD, collaborated and produced on various projects including: Capitol Sunz “Merc Force” mix tape Vol. 1…., 4,5,6 Entertainment Presents Rush Hour, Team Guap: History of the Hustler, and a TV show called “Power Media TV” which aired in Baltimore,MD and Atlanta, GA. Permiss also teamed up with Sazo and created Teamguap Radio, a once a week internet based show.  In addition to the television and radio circuit, Perrmiss also formulated a once a month showcase called “Best of the Best Micfest Showcase” in Baltimore MD. This is one of the many major outlets that he has created that all independent artists can benefit from. In turn one of Permiss’s main focal points is to showcase up & coming independent artists and propel their careers to an ultimate standpoint.
Hard work is nothing new to this guy and he has a lot in store for the future. In 2008, Permiss became a radio personality on WKSH 1650am, an indie station in the DC Metropolitan/Maryland area. While with WKSH Da Beat, he became host of Grind Hard Radio. In 2010, Permiss became host of Politic With Permiss on WOLB 1010 AM Baltimore talk radio and after a brief sabbatical returned to the WKSH family with the Grind Hard Experience, a morning show based off of his previous show Grind Hard Radio.




Singleton Newman is a woman of quality! Born January 14, 1984 to professional musician, teacher and guitarist Tom Newman and media consultant mother Pamela Jones-Newman in Washington, DC, her name bought her into a unique category and was a characteristic that allowed her to stand out from her peers at an early age. Singleton generally being a last name is Singleton’s first and she is always complimented on its origin and originality.

Singleton got her name from her mother’s college mentor and it means a person or thing occurring singly, especially an individual set apart from others.  Singleton being an only child was afforded many great opportunities to learn and experience new things. Having a love for the arts from the beginning, Singleton sculpted her creative skills in the arts through dance and music programs her mother exposed her to at an early age. She participated every summer in college and university programs where she attended classes and lived on several college campuses, and during her high school years, on weekends, she was in the Upward Bound Program at University of Maryland Baltimore County.
Having danced with the Carol Chesley Dance Academy, the Children’s Dance Division of Towson University, and Sudbrook Arts Center, Singleton also performed for various churches and school programs. At the tender age of 12, she made a decision to take her love for the arts and turn it into a profession. Upon graduating with a Bachelors of Arts in Management from Hood College in 2006, Singleton decided to step into the entertainment industry full force.  In 2006, she founded New Hope Management, a boutique management and booking agency and took on her first client, her father, guitarist Tom Newman. In addition to starting her our company, she also did bookings for gospel hip hop artist Von Vargas, and interned for Three Keys Music, a jazz label located in Silver Spring, Maryland. In addition to her father, Singleton also began her stint in 2008 as Executive Vice President with Steel Bars Entertainment in which she was instrumental in planning events and marketing and promotions for the label’s various hip hop acts. Currently, Singleton is still managing guitarist Tom Newman and with the assistance of  her cousin, Dionne Smith she  is progressing in cultivating New Mu Productions, which will house the publishing, management, and marketing of all the upcoming Tom Newman entertainment and non-entertainment business enterprises.
Singleton is instrumental in the DC, MD, VA artistic community as a hip hop ambassador, promoter and supporter of regional musicians and artists. She currently acts as a talent consultant, A&R, radio personality, event host and freelance writer for various music and media companies. In 2009, Singleton revamped her company New Hope Management into not only a booking and management agency but to a full scale producer and coordinator house of large scale concerts, festivals and tours, marketing and promotions services. In 2010, Singleton began her stint as co-host of  talk show Politic With Permiss on WOLB 1010 AM along with Permiss and also as associate producer of The Grind Hard Experience on Da Beat 1650 which is a 4 hour morning show which spins live music. By using her love of the concert experience, Singleton is hoping to take her company to the next level in the entertainment world. Singleton is a member of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS-Recording Academy), Washington Area Music Association (WAMA), Organization of Women in Entertainment (OOWE),  National Association of Black Female Executives of Women in Entertainment (NABFEME), and the Women in Entertainment Empowerment Network (WEEN). Singleton credits God, her family and close friends for their love and support.

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